Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a common eye condition that trouble millions of people around the world. A cataract is a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy. This progression causes vision to become fuzzy or blurry and making normal daily living activities more difficult. Poor vision caused by cataracts is not effectively corrected with glasses or contacts. Instead, cataracts need to be treated with surgery by removing the clouded human lens. The replacement lens should be specific the habits of the recipient. These replacement lenses are referred to as an Intraocular Lens. Cataract surgery is a very common performance in the United States. Each year over three million cataract surgeries performed.

Historically, cataract surgeons used handheld instruments to perform some of the most challenging parts of this procedure. With modern technologies today, eye surgeons perform these steps with laser systems. These laser systems offer a number of other innovative features that make the laser cataract surgery procedure highly customized, and more precise than the manual technique.

In laser cataract surgery after the lens is removed, a pre-determined Intraocular Lens (IOL) is inserted into the eye. The lens power is recalculated and further refined in the operating room. The new lens will remain inside the eye, allowing light to clearly focus on the retina, and provide clear vision once again.

Depending on the patient’s pre-operative vision and desired visual result, the surgeon may recommend a tailored treatment plan. The goal of these tailored treatments is to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses.

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